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Food Safety Inspection Results Online

  • July 25, 2016
  • News

State Department of Health launched a new website that publishes food safety inspection results online. Consumers can find the results of state food inspections of restaurants and food service organizations performed on Oahu.  The results  are highly informative, giving details of current status,…

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We signed the pledge, will you?

Tired of seeing or picking up someone's trash? Malama808 is a litter free community initiative for food retailers and businesses that supports responsible litter management and best practices for litter prevention. The initiative has gained widespread exposure with already 37…

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What is Hepatitis A?

With the recent outbreak of Hepatitis A in Hawaii, it's important to understand the virus and preventative measures. The virus, Hepatitis A, is a contagious liver infection ranging from mild cases lasting a few weeks to severe cases resulting in…

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