An Easy Solution to Reduce Litter

Have trash bins around. Sound easy enough? It is, but there's a science to how close the receptacles should be placed to reduce litter. Tackling the challenge of litter is overwhelming and best done in collaboration of partners. The Foodservice…

We signed the pledge, will you?

Tired of seeing or picking up someone's trash? Malama808 is a litter free community initiative for food retailers and businesses that supports responsible litter management and best practices for litter prevention. The initiative has gained widespread exposure with already 37…

Make Hawaii Litter Free: Malama808 (30 second clip)

Have you heard about Malama808? Watch the clip below to learn about a new coalition of local restaurants, retailers and other businesses promoting best practices for litter prevention. Current supporters include KTA, L & L and Zippy's.  

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