We signed the pledge, will you?

Tired of seeing or picking up someone’s trash? Malama808 is a litter free community initiative for food retailers and businesses that supports responsible litter management and best practices for litter prevention. The initiative has gained widespread exposure with already 37 local restaurants and businesses joining the initiative.

Restaurants have become an extension of our home – a place of social gathering where we indulge in cuisine old and new, reflecting the history and culture that makes this place paradise – and, local businesses have become extensions of modern society, providing resources and employment. Both restaurants and businesses play vital roles in supporting our economy, but also take a toll on the environment.

To continue supporting our economy responsibly, maintain the beauty of the island, keep our waters clean and ensure safety of our people, Malama808 and participants have committed to:

  • Prioritizing trash control as an important part of policy and procedures at places of business
  • Providing sufficient, proper resources for trash and recycling and ensuring they’re functioning properly
  • Assessing trash management regularly and taking action when necessary

At Suisan, it’s important we take care of our community. If you’re interested in signing the pledge, please reach out to Erin.Dasconio@suisan.com

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