Winter Featured Customer: Cafe 100

When you think about a go-to establishment on the East Side of the Big Island, it’s no surprise that Cafe 100 is one of the leaders on the list. Getting its’ start in 1946, Cafe 100 has been an important business to our community over the decades. It was developed on the foundation of providing delicious, generously-portioned affordable food in a safe, clean and environmental place. More importantly, they gave us the flavor-packed, mouth-watering bowl of deliciousness we know today as the Loco Mocco. Can you imagine a week without one? A day? Not us. Now we can enjoy them in over 30 varieties. And, to top it all off, they are a job site for special education and mental health programs where students and adults can get life skills. We’re thankful to partner with other local businesses, such as Cafe 100, that are deeply invested in our community at large.




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