Lamb Weston is a leading supplier of frozen potato products to customers. Lamb Weston globally provides profitable high-quality french fries and prepared potato products.

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Fries that stay CRISPY!


Looking for fries that stay crispy from your door to theirs? DID YOU KNOW… our Crispy on Delivery fries can easily reheat without losing their crunch? Ask your Lamb Weston® Fry Expert for fry reheating stickers so your guests can enjoy crispy (and hot) fries at home.

Crispy On Delivery

Fry’s the Limit Limited Time Offer.


Blue skies are around the corner! Join us in celebrating National French Fry Day on July 13!

Fries the limit

Crinkle Deli Wedge Chicken Batter.


Adding a twist to classic french fries has created a new demand for the ever changing consumer palate. Find out how loading up Lamb Weston® french fries with meats, cheeses, vegetables and sauces has many operators clamoring for menu changes.

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Fry's the Limit!

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