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Lamb Weston is a leading supplier of frozen potato products to customers. Lamb Weston globally provides profitable high-quality french fries and prepared potato products.

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Lamb Weston – Seeing possibilities in potatoes.

Perfect for takeout and delivery!

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French fries are the favorite food across generations. They are one of the most profitable items on the menu and one of the top-10 restaurant items missed most during the current pandemic. Here is more useful information!

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With a dedicated team of over 200 specialists stationed all over the U.S., Lamb Weston is ready with feet on the ground to help our restaurant operators in whatever way possible.

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Crispy on Delivery® offerings!

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Your reputation rides on every order you serve—and now more than ever, that includes takeout and delivery. Our revolutionary light batter keeps fries crispy up to 30 minutes with vented packaging, so customers still get the crunch they crave long after their order has left your kitchen.

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Seasoned® Seashore‑Style® Flats

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Keep guests happy with one‑of‑a‑kind Lamb’s Seasoned® Seashore‑Style® Flats

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Crispy on Delivery

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