Suisan Aloha Pack – Burger Time Edition!

What time is it?! It’s BURGER TIME!!!!

Suisan bringing out the “BURGERIFFIC” ALOHA PACK!

1 case of Frozen Raw Ground Beef Patties

1 bag of Oven Fresh Frozen Brioche Buns

1 bag of Stealth Natural Reg. Cut Fries All of this for only $50.

Go Burger or Go Home… Well, this is food for `Ohana at home.

Lunchtime, snack or Dinner, this Suisan Aloha Pack works to keep your family happy!

And act quickly! If you purchase your Suisan Aloha Pack while Dave Exotic is there, he will perform his world-famous Burger Time (Hammer time) Dance! That’s if he’s not tired from handing out all the Aloha Packs.

Don’t miss this one. It’s Burger Time tomorrow (4/7/2020) at Suisan Fish Market Dock Area from 10am to 3pm or we sell out!

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