Recipe Ideas for Springtime

April’s spring holidays offers a perfect month to test new ideas and spruce up your menu. For Easter, try pairing your ham or lamb with scalloped potatoes dressed with caramelized onions and melted creamy cheese. While there is always the option to simply offer mashed or baked potatoes, this menu idea will catch customers attention and increase their chances of coming back to your establishment. Finish your Easter meal with Kraft’s Turtle cheesecake with from-scratch flavor creating authentic taste and ensuring satisfaction.

Follow up busy Easter traffic and hit the ground running with school out and tourists flocking the island. Treat yourself and celebrating National Coffee Cake Day on April 7th. What better way to finish delicious sweet treats from your local bakery than indulging with a warm or iced cup of Kona coffee topped with the rich nutty goodness of Coffee-Mate Hazelnut Creamer by Nestle.

Before you know it, summer will be here. Be sure to stock up on your customer’s favorite Tyson’ chicken and Lamb Weston French fries before the summer rush so you don’t have to work too catch up. Sipping fresh cool Citrus-Infused iced tea is perfect way to cool down. Dress it up with honey and orange and lemon juice (or slices) to your favorite Lipton Iced Tea from Suisan.

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