Founded in the 1880’s, Unilever inspires chefs and their menus with ingredients that save time without losing flavor or finesse. Chefs all over the nation use brands such as Knorr®, Hellmann’s®, Lipton® as the backbone of their tastiest, wholesome meals. At Unilever, we keep your menu fresh and exciting.

Product Portfolio

Business-building ideas to help you drive traffic and highlight entrée specials.

Burger Route

Give guests the absolute best burger experience. Burger Inspiration Guide:Trends, Ideas and Tips for Selling More Burgers

Burger Route (PDF)

Secret Sauce Inspiration


Delight your guests with successful top entrées this season. Your Secret Sauce Inspiration Guide: Winter & Spring Holidays.

Secret Suaces Inspiration Guide (PDF 1.4 MB)

Seductive Nutrition Initiative

Sandwich Photo

These examples demonstrate how shifting to slightly smaller portions, healthier cooking methods or leaner/lighter ingredients lets guests benefit from reduced calorie counts while continuing to enjoy their favorite menu items.

Seductive Nutrition Initiative (PDF)