Foodservice Selling: Tools for Success

From menu management and staying abreast of consumer trends to sourcing industry-leading marketing and advertising, we have tools to help  grow your business.  Let’s take a deeper look into each program.

Operator’s Edge is the independent operator’s guide to restaurant operations. The interactive monthly newsletter features information and solutions on increasing customer traffic, reducing food costs, managing staff, and a wealth of other topics. From the newsletter, you can access a library of information, recipes, preparation videos, social media marketing, restaurant management and a wide variety of other topics. Ask your sales representative to access this tool.

Menu Management will guide you through the essentials of maximizing profits through a strategic menu mix, which is the foundation of business strategy and foodservice success. Browse through foodservice instructional videos, recipes, menu ideas and much more!

Say you need help implementing these new menu ideas, marketing strategies and business solutions? Suisan Solutions is a custom design service for foodservice marketing. Our dedicated team is ready to help with all your design and collateral to bring your new ideas to life. From menus, tabletops, banners, and merchandise to business cards, flyers, and takeout menus, we have what you need to take business to the next level and increase customer traffic.

For more information visit our Customer Tools page here.

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