Do you qualify for online ordering?

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Fast. Convenient. Accessible.  That’s what our customers experience who use our online ordering system. At Suisan, we recognize the need to invest in technology to keep up with the busy lives of business owners and consumers. That’s why we offer online ordering in an easy, user-friendly program that saves you valuable time.

How else can you benefit from online ordering?

  • Place orders whenever and wherever you need to
  • Spend more valuable time on the phone or in person with your Suisan sales representative discussing business needs and seeing new product
  • Access custom order guides that can be segmented so multiple buyers can have customized order guides such as for the chef, produce buyer, retail buyer, beverage buyer, etc.
  • Great search features including reorder features
  • Our IT team will come out to train you and your staff

So what are you waiting for? Contact your Suisan sales representative today.

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