Blue Zones Project Hawaii

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In partnership with HMSA, the Blue Zones Project by Healthways is a well-being initiative that supports healthy communities through physical, mental, social and environmental activities that lead to healthier, happier and longer-living lives. The organization developed as a result of the New York Time best-selling book by National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner. He spent years studying the lifestyles of those in communities where the life expectancy is very high. From Okinawa Japan to Sardinia Italy, these communities have common principles, which Blue Zones terms the Power 9. Some of these principles, for example, promote the importance of faith, family, purpose, community, exercise, and healthier eating. Click here to learn how your business can get involved. Supporting a better community is a priority for Suisan and we’re proud to be working towards becoming a Blue Zones Approved Worksite.

Blue Zones Power 9

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