Smithfield is a global food company with farms, facilities and offices in the United States, Europe and Mexico. We employ over 54,000 people who all work together to provide families worldwide with “Good food. Responsibly.®”


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McCain Dip’n Wedges


McCain Dip’n Wedges™ Crispy Potato Scoops have unique, ridged V-shapes—perfect for loading with toppings or scooping up dips and flavors. Stand out with the exclusive new crispy potato wedges that are as versatile as they are different.

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Brew City Beer Battered IPA Onion Rings


Made with real craft beer, new Brew City IPA Beer Battered Onion Rings tap-in to the growing popularity of IPA and deliver the irresistible combination of sweet onion, and malty, hoppy flavor in every light and crispy bite. Cheers!

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McCain Smiles


Fun mashed potato shapes that will make any kid smile.

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