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King and Prince Seafood

Over 65 years ago, King & Prince® entered the food industry. The company practices sustainable measures to ensure continuous long-term viability of seafood products. They provide restaurants with fish, shrimp, calamari, crab surimi, and seafood blends year round.


Product Portfolio

Key Features:

  • Cravable on-trend flavor profiles
  • Creative coating systems
  • Reasonable price-points
  • Snackable size
  • Freezer-to-fryer convenience

Lobster Salad

Lobster Salad - King and Prince

Our new King & Prince® Sensations® solution will blow you away. It’s simple, ready to eat and serve, delicious, profitable, versatile, and healthy. You can wrap eat, toss eat, box eat, spread eat, mix eat or share eat… Just do eat!

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Beer Battered™ Popcorn Shrimp

craft beer battered shrimp

Our new Craft Beer Battered™ Popcorn Shrimp is coated with a crisp, savory batter made with premium Samuel Adams Boston Lager® deliver a unique flavor, with a homemade appearance that adds value to any menu part.


King & Prince® Sensations®

King and Prince Partners

King & Prince® Sensations® are blends of top-quality shellfish and premium seafood that are sustainably sourced and let you create a variety of affordable seafood options on the menu. Welcome to easy, profitable, and versatile seafood solutions you can use in hot and cold menu applications. Sensations® are always available, and always in season.

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