Over 65 years ago, King & Prince® entered the food industry. The company practices sustainable measures to ensure continuous long-term viability of seafood products. They provide restaurants with fish, shrimp, calamari, crab surimi, and seafood blends year round.

Product Portfolio

Key Features:

  • Cravable on-trend flavor profiles
  • Creative coating systems
  • Reasonable price-points
  • Snackable size
  • Freezer-to-fryer convenience

Lobster Pups


These pups are not your ordinary corn dog; they are blends of luscious lobster and seafood surrounded in golden sweet cornmeal batter for a great flavor combination that makes a perfect addition to any kids menu. More Info >>

Coconut Butterfly Shrimp


Premium, peeled and deveined, tail-on shrimp are coated with a shredded coconut breading for a unique crunch with just the right sweetness, firm shrimp texture and impressive plate presentation. More Info >>

Crispy Southern Flounder


Small two-bite strips of hand-cut natural flounder fillets are coated with a seasoned blend of flour and cornmeal and flash fried; their perfect size, gnarly appearance and classic crunch make them incredibly versatile. More Info >>