Glenn Hashimoto, President

glennHashimotoI develop corporate strategy for short-term and long-range planning to improve the overall operation and effectiveness of the company. Current goal is to develop a stronger foundation for the company so it can to continue to build for the future.

Favorite Food: fish, fish and more fish.

President’s Message:
It is my privilege and honor to welcome you to our web site. I hope you find the information available on our web site informative and useful. This web site was developed to add value to our services and provide information to help you with your business.

This web site is also part of our commitment in our role and responsibility to meet the expectations of our customers and promote customer service.

Since the founding of our company in 1907, we have operated our business with the philosophy of taking care of the customer. It is still our mission and goal to provide excellent customer service and doing it with professionalism, enthusiasm, and pride. We have a great team of dedicated employees that work hard to achieve our mission and goals.

Thank you for the confidence you have in our company and we will continue to foster this partnership that promotes growth and development in both our businesses.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you.

Kyle Kawano, Vice President and General Manager

I am responsible for overseeing operations of the company, with equal focus on our vendors, customers and team here at Suisan. I enjoy working with such a variety of people from all different places. That exposure will only help enhance what we do here at Suisan. There’s much to learn.

Favorite Food: Italian Seafood Pasta

Steve Ueda, Vice President of Sales

I am responsible for all sales and marketing functions in the company. I enjoy being a partner with our customers and helping to solve their business issues. I want Suisan to be a leader in making the Big Island the greatest place to live and do business.

Favorite Food: Breakfast is my favorite meal. It is a treat for me whenever I get to eat breakfast.