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For over six decades Pilgrim’s Pride has been dedicated to providing wholesome, quality products at an affordable value. Everyone can eat well and make the finest recipes with Pilgrim’s food products.

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We know chicken is essential to your menu. That’s why Pierce Chicken® is committed to helping you succeed. Since 1951, Pierce Chicken® has provided fun, innovative, business-building chicken products for foodservice. But more than anything, Pierce Chicken® means quality and great taste. It always has. Contact us today to find your chicken solution.


skinny dip'n chik'n naked boneless wings

Did you ever hear of Skinny Dip’n Chik’n? Well if you haven’t check out the link below for more info on Boneless Chicken Wings! Perfect for Dip’n in your favorite sauces!

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Proper Saucing Techniques

Follow these simple steps when saucing our new Funny Bones.

Funny Bones with Ken’s Sauces (PDF)

Popcorn Chicken!

mild breaded popcorn chicken

Craving that crunchy popcorn chicken? You came to the right place Pierce Chicken has the perfect Mild Breaded Popcorn Chicken! Check out the link below for more product info!

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