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Suisan’s fresh produce operation partners with local farmers and domestic suppliers to provide you with the highest quality, selection, and sustainable produce available. We source locally first, and augment our offerings with domestic suppliers from the continental U.S.

Just Picked Fruits and Vegetables Directly To You

HawaiianNaturalFarms_pic1Our customers benefit from timely and accurate delivery of freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. Locally grown fruits and vegetables, including organic and specialty products are available. Our partner farms are as diverse as Hawaii’s climates. We gather their produce from across the island and deliver it to you.

Consistent Quality

HirayamaFarms_Pic6Our famers guarantee their product to consistently meet quality and packaging requirements. The produce is harvested at their peak, and delivered on our fleet of refrigerated trucks.

Ensuring Quality Control

LivingAcquaponics_pic2Suisan ensures freshness and quality from the field to business. Our partner farms must operate under Good Agricultural Practices to verify that fruits and vegetables are produced, packed, handled, and stored in the safest manner possible to minimize risks of food safety hazards. In conjunction with our inspections, this process ensures quality produce in every delivery.

Proactive Food Safety

Hamakua Mushroom Farm _ Pic1Safety is a Suisan priority, which is why we’ve voluntarily obtained annual third-party certification through a rigorous audit process. As part of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), participating companies use GFSI standards and compliance requirements. “Once certified, accepted everywhere” helps the produce industry to achieve the global goal of food safety harmonization. The certification addresses the supply chain, from pre- to post- farm gate production, and provides an integrated supply chain approach.

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