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Marketing Intern (Hilo)

**Must be current University of Hawaii at Hilo student**


Position Title: Marketing Intern

Department: Purchasing/Marketing

Pay Rate: $0.00 per hour, Employee Discount at Suisan Fish Market

Work Location: In shared office space at 333 Kilauea Ave. Suite 202, Hilo HI 96720


Internship Goals

  • Full workplace immersion
    • General understanding of work place setting/procedures
  • Understanding of a career in Marketing
    • Real life experiences for an understanding of what comes with a Marketing career
    • Day to day routines
  • Build & maintain business relationships/contacts
    • Meeting and speaking with partners, vendors, and customers
    • Collect business cards, build personal relationships for future use
  • Budget keeping
    • Full understanding how to set a budget, determine where to spend money, and how to leverage spending
    • Set budget for projects, track spending, keep within budget
  • Full scale marketing project
    • Planning to execution
    • Ability to see idea from concept to fruition
  • Corporate Branding
    • Learn about Branding Standards
    • Learn graphic design aspects

Services to be Provided by the Student Intern

  • Check, read, and respond to emails
  • Sit in on meetings with Partners, Vendors, and Customers
    • Part of conversation, not just an observer
  • Graphic design
    • Digital and print uses
  • Advertising proofing
    • Radio and video ads/projects
  • Budget keeping
    • Read, sort, input data, and file invoices
  • Social Media
    • Upkeep, respond, upload
  • Events
    • Plan, set up, executing, follow up
    • If available, participate in after hours events
  • Photography
    • Take pictures of items needed for advertising uses
  • Full scale marketing project
    • Present concept, budget, and ROI
    • When approved, bring project from concept to fruition
    • Guided along the whole process by supervisor
    • Allows student to see the whole process from beginning to end, able to see their idea come to life

Work-hours Commitment

  • Internship requires completing a total of 168 hours during the semester. (14 weeks x 12 hours per week)
  • Internship starts Week 2 of the semester through the end of Week 15. Per-day schedule will be arranged with individual students to accommodate their school schedule.
  • Business hours are Monday to Friday 7:30am – 5:30pm. Student’s internship schedule should fit into this time frame.
  • All holiday breaks at UH Hilo are honored for Suisan Company, Ltd. Interns.
  • Hours missed (Due to illness or other reasonable issues) can be made up by working after hour events or adding additional hours further in the internship.
  • Student’s school courses are a top priority. We will work with each student’s individual schedule. If students must leave early to work on school projects or exams, a reasonable advanced warning is expected and hours can be made up by working after hour events or adding additional hours further in the internship.

To apply, please submit your resume to

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